4 Canciones para aprender el Imperativo Negativo

The negative imperative is one of the most difficult aspects of Spanish and constitutes a challenge for students at levels A2 and B1.

All means are welcome to help the students to make natural a difficult structure and what I use to do in my classes is to practice with songs that contain and repeat that structure or grammatical concept. Melody and repetition help students to internalize and assimilate, which would be very difficult to understand in other ways.

In this video lesson, I introduce, after a brief review of the negative imperative and its differences with the affirmative imperative, 4 well-known songs of pop in Spanish in whose lyrics the negative imperative is fundamental, either in the title or repeated throughout the chorus.

My intention is to disseminate and make known these songs, which in my video appear fragmented, analyzing the most interesting elements of the negative imperative. If you want to listen to the full songs here are the links to the original videos:

Olé Olé – “No controles” (1983) https://youtu.be/CXdWccaCHpg
Mecano – “Maquillaje” (1982) https://youtu.be/IL2xvtwXz6Q
Project One – “El Tiburón” (1995) https://youtu.be/4Qy0vs80T5M
Pastora – “Lola” (2004) https://youtu.be/dKFtsJSDgCc

If you want to make a step further on your fluency in Spanish, do not hesitate to contact Carlos!