Estructuras: 6 Perífrasis para contar historias

Learn the Spanish periphrases with the verbs: DEJAR DE, VOLVER A, SEGUIR or LLEVAR SIN, with infinitive or gerund, very employed in Spanish for expressing interruptions, repetitions, continuity or duration of activities.

In this video you will find:
-A general explanation about the verbal periphrases in Spanish
-A detailed explanation of the periphrases:
· DEJAR DE + infinitivo for expressing interruption;
· VOLVER A + infinitivo for expressin repetition;
· SEGUIR + gerundio and SEGUIR SIN + infinitivo for expessing continuity;
· LLEVAR + gerundio and LLEVAR SIN + infinitivo for expressing duration.
– A short videostory told using many of those constructions.
– Some funny outtakes 😉

For intermediate students, but subtitles in English make them profitable for late beginners (A2)

If you want to make a step further on your fluency in Spanish, do not hesitate to contact Carlos!